OBM Sorter

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With the OBM Sorter 1800, you get a sorting machine specialized in removing a wide range of metals and other contaminations out of a material stream; both ferrous and non-ferrous. Several OBM Sorter machines have already proven their high efficiency (up to 97% with metal sorting), and high capacity (up to 5 meters per second!) in a wide range of applications, such as ground wood, ashes, shredded car parts, stones, compost and other materials. Metal sorting works with induction technology, combined with a computer controlled air rail which accurately blows out the contaminations. OBM sorter

The OBM Sorter is available with three different types of scanners:

  • Non-ferrous: Wood, slugs
  • NIR: Color recognition based sorting
  • MSI: Structure and color recognition based sorting
With three scanner types available, all having their unique capabilities, a very wide range of materials can be sorted. The current contamination size is limited at a minimum size of 3 mm and a maximum weight of 3 kg.