OBM Pro Stump Grinders

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The OBM Pro series stump grinders are known for reliability, high performance and ‘cutting edge’ technology such as OBM Load Control. First introduced in 1999, assures you that the OBM Pro series are built on plenty experience. The current stump grinder line-up consists of two models: OBM Pro 170 Stump Grinder OBM Pro 270XL Stump Grinder Full proportional controls are featured on both the Pro 170 and the Pro 270XL, instead of simple on/off controls. The proportional controls allow for far more precise controls, which result in higher efficiency and getting the job done quicker. With the smart OBM Load Control system on the OBM 270XL, you get more efficiency out of the same tractor. By reading the engine, it knows when to slow down the Pro’s slewing motion, so that the engine can keep up with it. With this system equipped, even small or medium sized tractors can be used with the 270XL. The Pro 270XL’s unique four sectioned wheel has two important benefits; it’s shape prevents a constant strain on the tractors engine, which increases the grinding efficiency and decreases fuel consumption.