OBM Barracuda Slow Speed Shredder

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The OBM Barracuda

The OBM Barracuda is OBM Machines’ vision of a Slow Speed Shredder. Through decades of experience in the recycling industry our ideas of the perfect machine were combined in this design.

The result is a powerful, cost-effective and multifaceted machine.


OBM Barracuda shredding wood
OBM Barracuda shredding wood

A highly versatile main door

Change your end product in only 2 minutes! With the adjustable and unique main door on the OBM Barracuda.

If you require a more precise adaptation in your end product, you can swap out the screen in only 30 minutes! This efficiency is achieved by allowing the door, besides opening and closing, to slide out the machine. This creates enough room for easy maintenance.


OBM Barracuda shredding rubber
OBM Barracuda shredding rubber

An efficient design

The design team set out to make the machine short and efficient, without comprising function and reliability. This was achieved through an ingenious and patented rotor design. By placing the driveline on the inside of the rotor, not only reduces fuel consumption significantly, but also makes the rotor more powerful.

Recent testing shows up to 50% decrease in fuel consumption, while maintaining the same high output. It also reduces the length of the driveline, thus reducing the required length of the machine.


OBM Barracuda shredding cellulose
OBM Barracuda shredding cellulose


You can now process the following materials faster and at less costs:

  • General ship waste
  • House waste
  • Wood
  • Stumps
  • Plastic
  • Tyres and other rubber
  • Cellulose
  • Aluminium and plastic window frames


Inform for other possible applications!