OBM Moover 215E Tracked Dolly

Here you can see the new OBM Moover 215E tracked dolly being loaded for transport to its new owner in Sweden. The machine has been sold though our Swedisch dealer Facs Recycling Machines AB. This OBM Moover tracked dolly is the version with own diesel engine with radio remote control, so it can be used to…

OBM Barracuda sold to Norway

A brand new OBM Barracuda is ready for delivery to Norway. This slow speed shredder is sold by the Norwegian dealer Kiesel and shipped by boat to Trondheim. From there it goes directly to the customer, who will use it to reduce industrial waste.

4x OBM Hoover 700 Windshifters sold to UK

Four OBM Hoover 700 Windshifters have been shipped to the UK, being sold to a customer in England through our dealer OBMtec UK Ltd. These OBM Hoover 700’s are all electric models. The machines will be used to remove plastics from compost, at four different facilities.